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Article Writing

Article writing is an easy way to promote your products or services without spending a dime. Writing effective articles and putting them on the internet takes a bit of time, but once you set up a system it is very easy to do.

Once you have written your article, you will need to find websites to put your article on. There are numerous article directories such as and The best way is to use Article Submission Software to submit your articles to hundreds of different article directories.

Article writing does not immediately increase traffic to your website. But, if you commit to submitting one article a day to many article sites, then it is a matter of time before you start seeing an increase in traffic.

And, once the articles are published on article sites, they are there forever. You do the work once and then benefit from it for a long time. Article writing is an easy way to promote your products and services. Once you get a system, it becomes easy and even fun when you begin to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Choose smart and unique topic –

Topically written articles usually catch attention of readers. You must choose smart and unique topic, and this includes making your chosen topic look appealing and attention-grabbing so that it may compel people have a look on your article. Remember, a compelling title is the most important step towards writing better articles.

Make it brief –

Brevity is one of the most essential parts that must not be ignored at any cost when it comes to writing an article. Ok - you have selected a good topic, but words-extravagance will lend less credibility to your article than what it deserves. You are not supposed to write something in 500 words which could be said in just 300.

Tonality matters –

Pay heed to the voice of what you’ve written about. Unbelievable, but it’s true that words speak the language of your intention, your writing manner and your objective. Means, words convey about you to your readers. So, make your articles sound very friendly and informative. Avoid using expletives.

Highlight major points –

You must highlight major points. The highlighted points usually grab attention of your target readers immediately. Also, the highlighted points should be showing relevancy to the whole points of what’s written.

Proofread –

This part, beyond any doubt, is extremely important to consider. Proofreading a finished article is the most salient way of improving quality and its informativeness. Aside from helping you fix grammatical mistakes, proofreading will also make your contents sound very intelligent and readable by eliminating non-essential words/sentences. Reading aloud of your written contents is the easiest way to proof your work.