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Tutorial Writing

1 Decide on which subject you are going to write about

You should thoroughly research your subject. Look for some information on the Internet or Google. Also, the more useful your tutorial is to the readers here the more likely it will be appreciated.

2 Describe each step thoroughly

Details are important. Describe exactly how you create each step. Of course, the scope of the tutorial may dictate otherwise in some cases. Generally the more detailed, the tutorial instructions the better ones.

3 Understand the difference between a tutorial and a work of reference.

Works of reference are very useful, but also very different from a tutorial. Sadly enough, a lot of tutorials end up in being a work of reference, because they are easier to write.

4 Write the instructions professionally

Using a friendly and professional tone is often the most effective. There are many ways to undermine the professionalism of your writing. Stay on target with your writing. Avoid going off subject. E.g. Talking about your personal life. It's best to stay on topic, being focused on what you are writing. That doesn't mean that it should lack of having a personality, but don't let it undermine the professionalism of your writing.

5 Credit your sources

Copyright is an important issue in the tutorial publishing. You need to link to each image and asset you've used. This way people can verify the usage rights of the photos and materials. This is not applicable if you're not using assets, if you created your own assets, or if you photographed your own images.

6 Practice the subject on what you make your tutorial about

You can create your project first. Then you go back and make it a second time, while recording your projects process for the second time. The other approach is to create your project and record your steps as it goes.

7 Capture screenshots or make screen videos

The most basic way to capture screenshots is to use tools, and shortcuts, built into your computer. Press Print screen and Ctrl to make a screen shot Then clean them up in a photo editing software program like Photoshop or Gimp if needed. That being said, you can also make a video of your work for example if you are making a Photoshop tutorial. You can use programs like Camtasia or an open source program like Camstudio. Use what you prefer the best, experiment with it until you get the hang of it.