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Document Data Entry

Our client is a leader in the global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology (IT) industry, with branches in over 60 countries and annual turnover in excess of $20 billion. This company has been providing cutting-edge solutions, such as business process outsourcing, application development and maintenance, transformational services and infrastructure management to various business sectors.

This company was looking for an outsourcing service provider in India who could handle its order processing, order fulfilment and mailing services in a fast, efficient and accurate manner. They contacted us with an exhaustive list of order processing requirements.

1 Receiving the documents

We accept scanned, soft or hard copy documents in formats such as PDF, Excel, XML, Word docs or online source files. We are very flexible and offer our customers several file transfer options. You can send your documents via email, fax, mail, DVDs or by courier. You could also choose to upload your files to our secure FTP server, or let us remotely access your data through a secure VPN or a web application.

2 How data is entered

The documents to be entered are separated into batches, with a keying specification instruction sheet for each batch. Two data entry professionals enter the data into two different files. Both these files will be evaluated against each other through software which will highlight mismatches, if any.

3 The workflow

The project will be allocated to a dedicated and experienced Project Manager who will download your files. The Project Manager and the EDM administrators will sort and classify the data to be entered. Sections of the work will then be allocated to Team Leaders who will guide their respective teams in carrying out the data entry. A process-oriented workflow is followed to ensure that the data entry is completed without any setbacks.

4 Quality assurance

At Outsource2india, we have taken stringent quality assurance measures to ensure that data is 99.9% accurate. After the data has been entered, it will be proofread by experts who will identify errors and correct them. All the proofread documents will again be screened by the QA team to check for errors. A third quality check will then be conducted to check the documents for clarity, accuracy and completeness.

5 Sending the completed files

Once we complete the data entry for your documents, we can send them to you either by mail, courier, email or fax. We can also upload the files on a secure FTP. You could also remotely access your files on a secure VPN or a web application.