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Database Development & Migration

Data is at the heart of most companies. That’s why it’s so important for companies to have databases that easily store information in a way that’s most efficient for the organization. However, most companies’ databases are sorely lacking, often unusable from a practical perspective, and unlikely to provide much in terms of short or long term benefit for the organization.

Database Development – We’ll help create a database that works with your company’s needs, letting you easily access and edit your data, with tools to make your job easier.

Database Migration – We’ll take your existing data and move it to the new database with amazing accuracy, so that you can start using your new database right away.

Our Database Development Services-

  • Database Analysis – Analyzing user requirements to create the perfect database.
  • Database Design – Designing a database that suits those requirements.
  • Database Development – Putting that design to work.
  • Database Installation – Storing the database on your servers for regular use.
  • Database Maintenance – Updating the database as needed.

Data Migration Services-

  • Migration Evaluation – We look at the data migration plan and make sure the data will move correctly.
  • Migration Execution – Once the plan is in place, we will perfectly transfer all the converted code into the new database.
  • Project Handover – Finally, we will activate data access systems so that you can access and analyze your data.