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Flash Website Design

Flash is a software technology for creating and managing interactive multimedia web applications like web sites, animations, movies, games, advertisement banners and more. It gives you almost unlimited options in the design of your pages. The best Flash creating / editing application is called Swish.

Reasons to Avoid Using Flash:

1. Flash is not SEO friendly

Index-able content, an intelligent URL structure, and rich title and meta descriptions will go a long way in bringing organic search traffic to your site. Unfortunately, with Flash, you lose all of these elements, leaving you to more time-intensive and expensive methods of drawing online traffic to your business.

2. Flash doesn’t like to update your content

Speaking of your content, should it really be a luxury to have the ability to easily update it? Content Management Systems have long been the most effective means of managing your web presence, from copy, to media, to navigation and your SEO tactics. Once a Flash based site is deployed, many of these benefits go out the window.

3. Flash hates mobile devices

It’s no secret that mobile browsing has been on the rise for years – Monetate’s 2013 Q1 analysis of web traffic between platforms shows a whopping 85% growth – from 11.37% in Q1 of 2012 to 21.02% in Q1 of 2013 alone. Client projects need to be future-proof in today’s world, and Flash-based features just don’t have a place in that trajectory. The two main dogs in the mobile-browser fight, Apple iOS and Google Android, have both either dropped support, and in Apple’s case, flat-out refused to support the platform in the first place. What was once a key difference between the two platforms (and core argument of aforementioned fanboy brawls) has ceded to reason. Flash based content just isn’t optimized for mobile browsers, and usually too bulky to deliver efficiently.

4. Flash isn’t the platform of the future:

When it comes down to it, Flash is capable of some incredible things. Unfortunately, with the platform’s market share shrinking steadily, developers need to come up with a more future-proof solution.